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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Hurricane Harvey Update (8/30/17) :

This storm slammed the Beaumont, Nederland, and Port Arthur regions of Texas last night. We received word from Bishop Randy Clark that Triumph Churches in Beaumont and Nederland were both flooded during the night. With this being said, our church is going to respond in the best way we possibly can. Not only will we be praying but, we will be building cleaning kits to take to the most affected regions and hope to be able to target mostly those people who do not have flood insurance with our supplies and man-power we hope to send out in a few days.

You may bring the following supplies to the church:

-5 Gallon Buckets (Please buy new ones. They can be picked up at Home Depot.)
-Heavy Duty cotton wet mops
-Push brooms
-scrub brushes
-large cellulose sponges
-rubber gloves
-heavy duty garbage bags
-Pine-sol cleaner
-Clorox bleach ( gallon containers)
-Mold cleaner
-Hand Sanitizer

If you would like to give towards the relief project of Hurricane Harvey you can do so by giving online at tcvicksburg.com or texting the word “hurricane” to 601-301-4433. Please continue to pray for those affected by the Hurricane Harvey.

Please call the church office at 601-636-5282 or email us at office@tcvicksburg.com if you have any questions.

If you are willing to donate items listed, please bring them to the church by 12 noon tomorrow (Thursday 8/31). A few people will be bringing those supplies to Texas tomorrow night. We will also be sending out a team of people on Sunday afternoon to help with clean up efforts, but are limited on housing accommodations.

Again, if you would like to help, call the church office at 601-636-5282 or email office@tcvicksburg.com

In addition to donations of goods, we have also set up a disaster fund that will help local churches and shelters on the ground level in Houston. These churches and shelters are taking in thousands and thousands of people who have been displaced from the devastating storms. Just text any amount and the word “Hurricane” to 601-301-4433. Your generosity can make a difference!

Another option is to give right here at tcvicksburg.com. Just visit this link: Online Giving

Just select “Hurricane Harvey” from the drop down window.