Our Mission

Evangelize: We believe that God loves humanity and desires to have a covenant relationship with His creation; therefore, we are committed to reaching people who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus and are not involved in a dynamic local church (John 3:16).

Disciple: We believe in empowering people to grow personally – that God has called each believer to a life of spiritual maturity; therefore, we are committed to providing opportunities for equipping and training members to become mature disciples of Christ (Matthew 28:19-20).

Shepherd: We believe that the local church leadership should provide spiritual direction and pastoral care for its members with love and admonition; that circles are better than rows; therefore, each member will be connected relationally through life-giving ministries and small groups.

Commission: We believe that God has called us to raise up leaders, to develop ministers and ministries, and to plant churches (2 Timothy 2:2).