We want to make it easier for you to give, whether it is a one-time gift or recurring. Triumph Church is proud to partner with Kindred, a Christian based company, to provide you with online giving capability!

If you are interested in a recurring gift, so you don’t have to put in your credentials every time, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Click the “GIVE NOW” link below.
  • Enter your telephone number.
  • You will be sent a PIN number that you’ll use to setup your payment information.
  • Once the one-time setup is complete, you will simply text the amount you wish to give to our specific giving number at any time in the future. (Our giving number is the number you receive your PIN from)

That’s it! If you make a mistake, simply text “refund” and no gift will be charged. As always, you are also able to give a single, one-time gift.